At Milestone we understand that we can not be everything to everyone.  Never has there been a time where this is more powerfully true than now.  COVID 19 has severely impacted everyone's lives.  From physical health to personal wellness.  From the economy to our family units.  Nothing is the same, everything is unknown and everyone's expectations are different. 

We have asked that our staff undertake the titanic task of learning new COVID procedures and layering those on top of the high expectations that milestone already demands of them.   We have used the CDC, state and local guidelines as a resource for our operation.  


We ask that our staff make responsible decisions in their daily approach to our operation and in the care of our guests.  Also we expect that our guests follow suit.  Exercise your own personal agency to do what is best for you, your family and your friends at this time.  If that involves only dining through carry out, eating on the patio or even sidestepping dining out all together we understand and we hope that we will be your go-to for the very best in food, beverage and hospitality.  

Everyone has adopted new practices and likewise new expectations of their interactions with the world around them.  Please do your best to be kind and understanding of everyone.